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John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Fri Dec 3 12:56:08 MST 1999

NY Post Editorial

        Again, Al Gore has told a whopper. Again, he's been caught red-handed
and again, he has been left sputtering and apologizing.

        This time, he falsely took credit for breaking the Love Canal story back
in 1979. Gore did hold the first hearings on the matter in Congress - two
months after nearby homes were evacuated and President Carter had declared
a state of emergency in the area.

        Yep. Another Al Gore bold-faced lie.

        Remember when he proclaimed that the 1970 tearjerker, "Love Story,"
was based on him and Tipper - which came as news to the book's author,
Erich Segal? Later we learned that Gore - who arrived in Congress in the
mid 1970s - "invented" the Internet. This was news to the Department of
Defense scientists who developed the original "arpanet" in the late 1960s.

        He has suggested that, during his Vietnam tour of duty, he often
stood guard at various bases, sometimes having to fire upon intruders. No
one who was there remembers Gore, a roving Army journalist, ever standing
guard as a base visitor.

        And on and on it goes. Al Gore appears to have as much difficulty
telling the truth as his boss, Bill Clinton. But Gore's lies are not just
false, they're outrageously, stupidly, false. It's so easy to determine
that he's lying, you have to wonder if he wants to be found out. Does he
enjoy the embarrassment? Is he hell-bent on destroying his own campaign?

        To spare him future embarrassment after this Love Canal business -
not to mention the "Love Story" thing - we offer the following counsel to the
vice president: "Al, you didn't write 'Love Shack.' That would be the B-52s,
Al. You didn't host 'Love Connection.' That would be Chuck Woolery. You
never dated Jennifer Love Hewitt. That would be Carson Daly. Got that, Mr.
Vice President?"

     Of course, if Al Gore is determined to turn himself into a national
laughingstock, who are we to stand in his way?

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