She did everything right.

Fri Dec 3 13:42:25 MST 1999

A couple of days ago Cheryl Klompein was shot during the middle
of the day by her ex boyfriend in the parking lot at
Metrocenter, one of the largest malls in Phoenix.

Before the shooting she noticed he was following her.  She got
her cell phone and dialed 911.  She stayed in public areas.
Finally about 10 minutes into the call she parked in front of a
store at Metrocenter.  Her ex stopped his truck near her and
watched her for a while  then shot her.  She had an restraining
order against him ordering him to stay away from her.  Phoenix
police were sent to the parking lot where she was as soon as she
told them she was there.  However it was too late.  Before the
cops got there her ex had already shot her.  I saw this on the
news last night.  A cop said she did everything right.  She
drove to a public area, etc.

I say she made one mistake.  She did not have a gun.  Police did
arrest him and he's now enjoying bologna sandwiches in the
Maricopa County Jail.

If you're interested in more detail on this story go to  they also
have a link you can click on to hear the 911 tape including the
part where she gets shot.

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