WTO - A Benefit?!?

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                Again, How Does This Benefit America?

        Excerpt from "The Road to Socialsm and the New World Order," by Dennis L.
Cuddy, Ph.D.. former Senior Adviser to Department of

        "Article SVI, paragraph 4, of the WTO specifically states, "Each member
shall ensure the conformity of its laws, regulations and administrative
procedures with its obligations," and that its Dispute Settlement Board
will be the final judge concerning whether the WTO's global rules of trade
and tariffs have been met. All nations must abide by these judgments, and
penalties and sanctions can be imposed if WTO's rules aren't met. The
Attorneys-General of 42 states were so concerned about the WTO that they
wrote a letter to President Clinton calling for a "State-Federal Consultation
Summit to consider the effect of the WTO upon state laws. The WTO would be
the world socialists' dream come true, as the U.S. would have only one vote
out of 123 nations (and no veto), and the majority of those nations are
socialist in one form or another. More than three-fourths of them also
voted against the U. S. on more than half of the U.N. votes in 1993. Malcolm
S. Forbes, Jr., on 'The Charlie Rose Show' (July 3, 1995) said regarding
America's new trading relationship with Japan and other countries that it
wasn't free trade, but rather the Clinton administration had adopted
'managed trade, which is Socialism-like,' and the Republicans went along
with it.

        "Relevant to George Ridgeway's 'Merchants of Peace' (1938, 1956)
discussion of 'economic disarmanent' (where through technology transer,
countries are forced to become interdependent), the 1936 Communist
International described their 3-stage plan for world government: (1) Socialize
the economies of all nations, (2) Bring about federal unions of various
groupings of these Socialized nations, and (3) amalgamate the regional
unions into a world union of Socialist States."

        "I have for some time been indicating that the strategy of the global
planners has been to form regional economic alliances (e.g., NAFTA,
European Economic Union, APEC, etc.) eventually merge them into a one-world
economic system, and then argue that a world government is necessary to
manage it. Nov. 15, 1994, President Clinton in Asia agreed in the
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation [APEC] forum to end trade restrictions in
25 years, and since late 1994 the Clinton administration has been talking
with the with the European Union about creating TAFTA, a Trans-Atlantic
Freed Trade Area. In early June 1995, Secretary of State Warren Christopher
said regarding the idea of TAFTA:

        'We intend to give it the serious study it deserves, with its
considerable potential to form an element of our our overall strategy...The
long-term objective is the integration of the economies of North America
and Europe, consister with the principles of the World Trade Organization.'

        "Evidence that this will happen now comes from a new book, 'Western
Hemispher Economic Integration,' by Jeffrey Schott. The book is dedicated
'To David Rockefeller,' and in it one reads:

         'Once a group of countries liberalizes
        its trade in goods and services, the logic
        of economics and politics inevitably points
        to other elements of the integration agenda...
        the greater the need for some institutional
        mechanism to administer the arrangements
        and to resolve the inevitable disputes, and the
        stronger the case for a common legal framework.'

        "The 'institutional mechamism' in all likelihood
        would be the World trade Organization (WTO) and the
        'common legal framework' would eventually be a
        world government."

        Excerpt from "The Creature from Jekyll Island," by G. Edward Griffin:

        "By early 1994, the drift toward the New
        World Order had become a rush. On
        April 15, the government of Morrocco
        placed a full-age ad in the New York Times
        celebrating the creation of the World
        Trade Organization which was formed by
        signing the General Agreement on Tariffs and
        Trade (GATT) which took place in the Moroccan
        city of Marrakech. While Americans were still
        being told that GATT was merely a "trade"
        agreement, the internationalists were
        celebrating a much larger concept. The ad
        spelled it out in unmistakable terms:

        '1944, Bretton Woods: The IMF and the World Bank
        1945, San Francisco: The United Nations
        1994, Marrakech: The World Trade organization

        History knows where it is going...The World Trade
        Organization, the third pillar of the New World
        Order, along the United Nations and the
        International Monetary Fund'"

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