RUSHTALK Digest - 29 Nov 1999 to 30 Nov 1999 (#1999-173)

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Sat Dec 4 19:38:51 MST 1999

At 09:16 PM 12/4/99 EST, RWhitenigh at AOL.COM wrote:
>In a message dated 12/1/99 1:02:19 AM Central Standard Time,  Jim Nantz
> Subject: Communists in Seattle
> I guess by now many of you have heard about the Communists protesting
> the WTO meeting in Seattle.  I like how Rush put it today, that if
> people like that are against it, it can't be all bad.
> Do you remember how 10 years ago we saw the news reports about the
> hordes of Russians trying to get into the American Embassy in Moscow in
> an attempt to get here?  How come these wackos in Seattle aren't lined
> up at the Chinese embassy applying to emigrate there?
>  >>
>I was really surprised at how much those protesters reminded me of the
>protesters at the '68 convention and when I returned home from Vietnam.  I'd
>love to know who paid them and how many of them had family trees that
didn't branch?

        Actually, Jim & Richard, we have the communists onthe *CORRECT* side - if
they truly are commies (which I doubt). The WTO is not about free trade and
I'm *STUNNED* at the number of people who do not see this! Free trade
doesn't require managing, yet there is the WTO, calling the shots. To what
ends? To America's detriment.......I'm going to send a piece by the
prestigeous, Lew Rockwell, of the Ludwig von Mises institute, called "Kill
The WTO". Be sure to check this out.

John Q.

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