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For those who remember Sherry Zbar, she still sends me
lots of things, and below is one them. I enjoyed
reading it. hope you do to:


the Common Conservative    12/1/99

Run, Hillary, Run!!!
And put my champagne on ice...
by Tom Adkins

I hereby declare my undying support for Hillary
Clinton's semi-declared
Senate campaign. Really. On election eve, I'll be up
all night flipping
through every channel, checking out all the election
coverage. I'll be ready
to party. 'Cause Rudy Giuliani will spank Hillary like
a naughty puppy.

Dan Rather will whine. Smuggy Judy Woodruff will
choke. Snooty Peter Jennings
will barely spit out the words "Senator Giuliani." The
state that brought us
Ed Koch, Mario Cuomo, Bella Abzug and Al Sharpton will
reject Hillary
Clinton. This is one concession speech I don't wanna

I have a bottle of Dom on ice.

Hillary and her Marxist fans have deluded themselves
into thinking she is
actually something special. Hell, 40% of New York
would vote for a flophouse
mattress if it were on the Democrat ballot. All
Hillary ever did was latch
onto the greatest shyster in American history and ride
him to the top. She's
apparently rationalized his crooked deals, assaults,
gropes, and affairs as
the price of her meal ticket, defending them with a
pasted smile and focus
group blather.

She is a nasty tyrant who abuses her inherited power
to do bad things.
Whitewater, Filegate, Travelgate, cattle-future-gate,
and those famous
disappearing billing records.  She curses White House
staffers who dare to
politely say "Hello." She calls the Secret Service
agents who protect her
family "trained pigs." What a sweetheart, eh?

Hillary has little of hubby's charisma, less of his
charm, and absolutely
none of his political acumen. If Hillary Health Care
wasn't dopey enough,
along came the Palestinian faux pas, the Puerto Rican
terrorist release
.geeze, she even botched the Yankee endorsement. New
York Democrats are
actually grumbling. The harder they look at her, the
less they like. After
all, Hillary is most popular when she shuts up. Her
poll numbers have fallen
20% in six months. New Yorkers are discovering they
are but a power strip on
her power trip. The disconnect is painful to watch.

For conservatives, Hillary's immense ego has arranged
the chips quite nicely.
Her bull-in-the-china-shop campaign will bury budding
Democrats like Nita
Lowey. She will suck up donations otherwise headed for
Omega Male Al Gore.
Hillary will inspire liberal voters, but she will
absolutely electrify
horrified conservative voters across the state. Most
important, swing voters
will recoil from her, and remember Giuliani's New York

The press must be slobbering. We aren't talking about
the adoring
Clinton-loving wusses in the national press corps.
We're talking Megaladon
attack sharks of the New York press. These guys could
kick James Carville's
ass in a dark alley, steal his shoes, and give him $35
bus fare back to DC.
The press never loved Rudy, but the abundance of
Hillary bait will get the
best of their predatory nature. And every time Bill
Clinton stands with
Hillary in front of the cameras, New York will be
reminded of what a schmo
Bill Clinton is, what a carpetbagger she is, and what
a fool she was for
tolerating him.

Plus, Giuliani's no cowering congressional Republican.
Rudy? Fuh-get about
it!!! This guy's from Brooklyn, people! Every time
another goofy liberal
whines, Rudy tells 'em where to stick it. And he's got
one thing she doesn't
have: a track record. In the toughest city in America,
he crushed the fish
market Mafia, cut waste, cut murders in half, cut
taxes, shaped up city hall
and the streets are safer. New York City is far better
under Giuliani rule
than any mayor in the last 50 years. And New Yorkers
know it.

So what exactly does Hillary stand for, anyway? She is
defined by her
supporters, a squad of horrid little sycophants like
radical feminists, race
pimps and obnoxious self-righteous socialists. Thanks
to Hillary, New Yorkers
(finally!) are figuring out these fools are elitists
political leeches, whose
grandiose, bizarre and divisive schemes failed except
to empower themselves
and cause misery at incredible taxpayer funded
expense. Her defeat will not
only ruin her own political career, but drive a stake
into liberal Democrat
dogma. If you can't sell liberal socialist philosophy
in New York City,
what's left? France? Cuba?

In the end, stockbrokers and steelworkers will agree
they don't want Hillary
running health care, baby-sitting their kids, or
carting away their money.
The Village may like her, but the Islanders won't. And
outside the Big Apple
and network news, neither will anyone else. Sometime
between now and when the
curtain closes behind the voting booth, New Yorkers
will question whether the
hammer and sickle should become the new emblem of the
Empire State.

Oh, man.I can't wait to pop the cork.

Giuliani will slice her. The New York press will dice
her. And the New York
Sate electorate will toss her liberal dreams into the
cold Fresh Kills
Sanitary Landfill with the rest of the garbage.

I'll drink to that.
The only true gift is a portion of yourself  - Ralph
Waldo Emerson
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