Extortion by Example

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Organized crime, in making their extortion racket work, needs to rely on
fear of known consequences to cow their victims into "paying up" without a
quiver so that the criminals won't have to work as hard on future victims to
rip them off. So they use the "example" method to put fear into the hearts
of their potential victims. If anybody refuses to pay the extortion, they
simply "make an example of them" and the next victim will not give them any

The same rule applies when the organized crime gang is the government of the
United States. Having "made an example" of the tobacco companies by their
phony suit and having collected billions in extortion money, promising that
if they "paid up" they would be free from such suits in the future, they are
now going to work on the gun industry.

The headline in a recent issue of the "Denver Rocky Mountain News" (and, I'm
sure newspapers all over the country) said: "U. S. THREATENS GUN SUIT." The
subhead said: "Feds hope firearms industry will agree to settle, adopt
safety measures."

Translation: "Pay us now and agree to let us have more power to tell you
what to do and we won't do to you what we did to the tobacco companies." The
example has been made, now fear us.

Several gun manufacturers have gone out of business already, just from the
THREAT of suits from CITIES. And now the feds come in and say they're going
to get their "cut" any way they can. So the gun manufacturers, who are
LICENSED by the federal government to do business, are expected to "pony up"
billions of dollars in extortion money AND allow even more invasive
government interference to avoid even more trouble.

The promise in the tobacco industry suits was that if they "paid up" the
billions of dollars that were demanded by the STATE suits, the government
would not let anybody else sue them. No one else except themselves, that is.
Nobody (except the bureaucrats in Washington that is) thought about the FEDS
suing them when the states wouldn't give them "their cut" of the state
extortion money. But you can bet the feds are going to get their "pound of
flesh" any way they can.

It's really too bad that our government today is run by criminals from the
bottom to the top and is running such a blatant extortion scheme on
legitimate businesses. Not only is this government rife with corruption
(underneath), it also engages in blatant extortion right out front, calling
it by a different name.

But if it "waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck."
So you make the decision, based on logic and the events of the last few
years. Is it a duck? Is our government run by criminals? Is it in the
extortion racket?

Think about it.

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