Reparations For Slave Descendants?

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Thu Dec 9 03:34:10 MST 1999

The Dallas city council is contemplating whether or not descendants of
African slaves who worked in the US while they were slaves, should be
receive Reparations from the City of Dallas.  In other words, hard earned
tax payer dollars should be given to someone whose descendants were
slaves.  To me this is a waste of money and has no bearing on the plight
of present day blacks.  The federal government is also considering a
similar program. My question to the members of this list is:

Do you feel that the hard earned tax payer's dollar should go to
compensating current day blacks in America who are descendants of African

If the US should do this, then Africa must also bear part of this
payment, as it was African tribes who enslaved fellow Africans and sold
them to the Dutch and other countries.  Please CC me a copy of your
response so I might get a feeling for what the percentages are on this


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