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Air Farce 1/2.

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"In Britain we are like Gulliver being tied down by a million silken
threads, enfeebled and destroyed -- even if you can not cure your ills,
perhaps by reaching out a hand and cutting some of the silken threads that
hold us down we can work our way loose to free the world from this evil
hegemony rolling inexorably towards One Word Governance/Dominance.
                    Greg Lance-Watkins

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>This may be old but, what the heck.
>Couple weeks ago Rush asked his audience to guess the name of the plane
>that carries Hillary. For example, when  Bubba is on board, it is callled
>Air Force One.
>What name would you give to the plane that carries Hillary?
>My Suggestions:
>Air Broom One (a popular choice)
>Air B***h One
>Yankee Fan One
>Enabler One
>Air Sickness One
>I'm  Better Than You One
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