The Iowa Republican Debate

RWhitenigh at AOL.COM RWhitenigh at AOL.COM
Tue Dec 14 13:31:58 MST 1999

I appeared that the strategy for this debate was for the candidates who have
no chance of winning their party's nomination, to attack the front runners.
Everyone in the press seems to be getting on the band wagon with regard to
the fact that George Bush Jr does not come off as a strong leader.  I heard
one individual on a radio station state that some of the candidates didn't
look like a President should look like....duh, what does a President need to
look like?  I'll admit that I would care to see Steve Forbes (i.e. Howdy
Doody) for four years, or Gary Bauer, who looks like he got a face job before
the debates.  It sure seems like Bauer really put on the pancake makeup
before the debates.

One observation totally off this topic....where has the traffic to the Rush
Talk list gone?  I've never seen such lack of traffic in a long while.  Could
it be that there's just not much to talk about now?


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