Legal Junque

tommatiska TomMatiska at COMPUSERVE.COM
Wed Dec 15 07:02:07 MST 1999

Message text written by Johm Q.

>  I was cited for not having a current state-required vehicle inspection
sticker. Now, here's why. Current Pennsylvania vehicle code *REQUIRES* the
passing an emissions test, *FIRST* before any safety inpection can occur. <

I am also from Pa and am at a total loss to understand what you are talking
about.  No vehicle owned by myself or anyone I know has ever been emissions
tested, and no one can tell me where such an inspection station is.  There
is not a single listing in the white, yellow, or blue pages of our phone
book for  anything remotely related to emissions testing.

As recently as two weeks ago my neighbor renewed his registration and had
his car inspected with no mention of the law you refer to.  Did I just wake
up from a 20 year sleep?


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