Get Umbrella for Barak???

kewcomm1 at IX.NETCOM.COM kewcomm1 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Wed Dec 15 18:27:04 MST 1999

     The people of Isreal had better hope that Prime Minister Barak
does not leave the meeting with Syria waving a piece of paper and
carrying an umbrella.

     It will, of course, help to have made it easier for him to give
the Golan Heights to thug Assad with the legacy seeking Clinton
gratefully rewarding Barak a few billion of our tax dollars.

     Yes, Barak is a decorated military fighter for Isreal, but politics
sometimes has a way of obfuscating natural instincts. And, with the help
of Bill "The greatest obfuscator" Clinton, who knows?

Ken Wyman

"One must fight, if only to have fought according to one's conscience"

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