Same Sex Marriages

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Fri Dec 17 01:39:28 MST 1999

Gay Rights advocates are pressing the issue of states allowing,
legalizing or recognizing same sex marriages.  Recently the Hawaii State
Supreme Court shot down the legalization of same sex marriages.  Should
gays have special rights, other than those that apply to the rest of

I for one do not wish to legitimize an immoral form of relationship, one
that the majority of our society deem immoral.  I do not want my children
(if I had them) to attend a publicly backed school, where same sex
marriages are acknowledged in our text books.  I also don't believe in
allowing same sex relationships to adopt a child.  There very well may be
love between the partners and their adopted child, but that child grows
up with the idea that an immoral lifestyle is condoned by the majority of

I hope this didn't sound like total rambling and without planning of
thought ?


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