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Thu Dec 16 12:36:29 MST 1999

At 07:58 AM 12/16/99 -0500, tommatiska wrote:
>Message text written by John Q.
>>   Perhaps, so, Tom! Where, in PA. do you live?<
>I live in the Scranton-Wilkes Barre area in the northeast part of Pa.

        Ah, okay, Bob Casey country.........

> I know there were plans a few years ago to build some inspection stations,
>but then newly elected Governor Ridge committed an act of common sense >
and cancelled them.

        Not quite.......he merely placed them "on-hold".....

> More recent plans to force the used of reformulated gas also were also
> scrapped.

        Not here, in Western Pa. (Suburban Pittsburgh)! We are stuck with the junk
from Memorial Day until Larbor Day.......

>I'm all for clean air, but I have to side with our Governor's efforts to
>control "emissions"  from the tailpipe nazis.

        Wake up, Tom! Ridge is a closet nazi, himself! For example, whom do you
think helped the EPA to get so strong? Ridge did, when he was the federal

> They are trying to impose a "California" type solution in a region where it
> doesn't fit. As Ridge pointed out, you can stand on the Pa-Ohio border
> before the morning rush and measure polution that is out of limits or
> marginally within limits.

        Or, you can jar the testing machine to get the reading(s) that you like
best. I'm *NOT* kidding! A Good, swift kick will do the job!

>Unlike California, the air that blows in from the west isn't clean ocean
>air and much of the polution we contribute comes from a few million homes
>with 30-40 year old fossil fuel furnaces. Efforts to clean our air need
>to be national, not regional, and not just focus on cars.

        Well, I watched the coal and steel industries in these parts die because
of overzealousness. Additionally, my personal allergies are myriad, but
I've never been bothered by "contaminates" in the air. Once we decide that
X number of furnaces can no longer run, how do we stop allergins (such as
pollen)? Do we indict God for gross pollution?

> We could then make much more progress without going to the extremes
> that the tailpipe nazis advocate.

        Too late........Clinton is invoking the Kyoto Treaty, piece-by-piece, even
though Congress rejected it by a landslide.
>BTW, I recently replaced the 60's vintage oilfired boiler in my house that
>was 65% efficient and burned 2000 gallons a year. The odd thing is the
>same govt that is trying to overregulate my tailpipe places no such
>regulations on my chimney, but did offer tax _ exemptions_  on the excess
>oil I used to waste. go figure.

        Many bureaucrats own stock in oil companies. Some, like George Bush and
Jay Rockefeller, outright own whole companies, themselves.

John Q.

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