Same Sex Marriages

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Thu Dec 16 13:24:16 MST 1999

At 02:39 AM 12/17/99 -0600, Richard A Whitenight wrote:

>Gay Rights advocates are pressing the issue of states allowing,
>legalizing or recognizing same sex marriages. Recently the Hawaii State
>Supreme Court shot down the legalization of same sex marriages. Should
>gays have special rights, other than those that apply to the rest of

        Don't be ridiculous!

>I for one do not wish to legitimize an immoral form of relationship, one
>that the majority of our society deem immoral.

        ......not to mention that it is behavior-driven, meaning it's a "choice"
(even if it's a compulsion - alcoholism can be both, as well), rather than
worthy of "minority" status.

> I do not want my children (if I had them) to attend a publicly backed
school, > where same sex marriages are acknowledged in our text books.  I
> don't believe in allowing same sex relationships to adopt a child. There
very > well may be love between the partners and their adopted child, but
> child grows up with the idea that an immoral lifestyle is condoned by the
> majority of society.

        All splendid point, Richard and I concur. However, I believe that
ultimately (just like publically-funded stadii), what we desire won't
matter. We'll get what we cannot stomach.......simply "for the good of

>I hope this didn't sound like total rambling and without planning of
>thought ?

        Not at all.     :-)

John Q.

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