Panama Canal/Chinese Takeout

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Sun Dec 19 09:55:30 MST 1999

On 12/20/99 01:49:53 you wrote:
>I sincerely hope that we don't have a major military conflict where we
>have to utilize the Panama Canal to transit, especially if the conflict
>were to be with China.  I see where China has a fast food restaurant at
>each end of the canal.  I think that could be a major problem in the
>Did I hear it right, that the US still has the right to protect the
>canal's integrity with military force?

     1) Fast food restaurants? That proviso was added to treaty by
"Bubba" for obvious reason.

     2) Yes, but seeing him take such action against his benefactors
in Beijing has as much chance as the proverbial "snowball."

Ken Wyman

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