Blacks Have Smaller Brains?

Susan Correll SusanCorrell at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Mon Dec 20 15:17:22 MST 1999

I would think that it depends on if it is true or not.  If this is a
blatant, racist lie, then I agree that this is a valid punishment.  If it
is true, then she did not deserve this punishment.  I seem to recall that
the human brain is relatively the same size as everyone elses, including
Einstein's brain.  Like the women always say, size doesn't matter.  ;o)


> From: Richard A Whitenight <rum.runner at JUNO.COM>
> Subject: Blacks Have Smaller Brains?
> Date: Tuesday, December 21, 1999 3:46 AM
> I forget where this occurred, but a school teacher made a comment to her
> students that blacks had smaller brains than whites and that black
> students had to work twice as hard to succeed.  I also could not remember
> if this teacher was black or not.  But, what I do remember was that she
> received a 10 day suspension for making those comments to her students.
> My question to you is:
> Do you feel that a ten day suspension was too severe?
> I personally feel that making the comments that she did, did not warrant
> such a severe penalty.  I think that the school board overreacted.
> Richard

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