Blacks Have Smaller Brains?

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Mon Dec 20 22:24:35 MST 1999

At 02:46 AM 12/21/99 -0600, Richard A Whitenight wrote:
>I forget where this occurred, but a school teacher made a comment to her
>students that blacks had smaller brains than whites and that black
>students had to work twice as hard to succeed. I also could not remember
>if this teacher was black or not.  But, what I do remember was that she
>received a 10 day suspension for making those comments to her students.
>My question to you is:
>Do you feel that a ten day suspension was too severe?

        It might seem so at first glance. However, it must be first established
whether this was deliberate misrepresentation of information. Did she
purposely lie? What's her teaching agenda? And so forth........

>I personally feel that making the comments that she did, did not warrant
>such a severe penalty. I think that the school board overreacted.

        I tend to want both sides to have benefit of doubt, at least from the
early offing. The board owes itself a more thorough investigation *BEFORE*
making any pronouncement, whatsoever.

John Q.

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