Violence Against Umpires

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Wed Dec 22 07:19:36 MST 1999

Message text written by Richard

>>..... I haven't heard if there has been a hearing to determine
what type of punishment should be metted out, but if I were the
commisoner of the NFL, this overgrown behomoth, would be given a two year
suspension from the NFL and an extremely heavy fine.

What do you believe should be the penalty?<<

The NFL should do nothing except provide the District Attorney a copy of
the video tape.  The incident should be treated as an assault case and
handled by our courts, and _not_ the NFL.  He should get the exact same
punishment that would be given to someone who wasn't a player who pushed
someone who wasn't an umpire.  If that strikes someone as being inadequate
then maybe the real question is why do we punish non-sports violence so

We have all sorts of designer laws on our books in Pa that were intended to
give special protection to certain types of folks.  We started with special
 laws that made it a more serious crime to kill a cop( which is another
way of saying it is less serious to kill you or me). Those laws were
expanded to target classroom violence, and the result is a minor pushing
incident at a local schoolboard meeting was prosecuted as a more serious
felony because it was done against a "protected" victim.

Convoluted child predator laws that were intended to protect victims under
14 leave us to wonder what is wrong with giving the same protection to 15
year olds? Why are only some types of murder a "hate crime"?  Is murder
less serious if the victim is killed by someone of the same race,
religion, etc ...  ?

Sports violence is no different than regular violence and our courts should
handle the issue,  not sports organizations that want to tailor a solution
that serves their intrest$, and not some feelgood solution that targets a
small part of the problem of violence.

Pardon me (on my soapbox), but I just found out at work last night that a
fellow worker is in the hospital because her "significant other" broke six
of her ribs.  There were previous incidents, but she never pressed charges
or filed for a PFA.   He is still in legal trouble, but the wheels of
justice seem to be turning  slower because he didn't violate any of our
"special" laws aimed at domestic violence.    Damn the PFA law.  Isn't
driving broken ribs into her lungs malice enough? He should be taking
showers with other boys right now.


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