Violence Against Umpires

Wed Dec 22 08:38:14 MST 1999

The a*****e should be thrown in prison.  If he could see the ref well enough
to knock him on his back  then his eyesight can't be all that bad.

Richard A Whitenight wrote:

> I'm not sure how many of you caught that abuse of a NFL referee, when I
> believe it was a Cleveland Browns player was struck in the eye with a
> referee's yellow hanky, which irritated his tender eye, at which time he
> basically walks in the general direction of the umpire and blocks him to
> the ground, onto his back, which I'm not sure if that caused injury or
> not, but I would be surprised it it didn't cause some type of back or
> spinal injury.  I haven't heard if there has been a hearing to determine
> what type of punishment should be metted out, but if I were the
> commisoner of the NFL, this overgrown behomoth, would be given a two year
> suspension from the NFL and an extremely heavy fine.
> What do you believe should be the penalty?
> Richard

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