Blacks Have Smaller Brains?

Pam Charles bluecalyptus at YAHOO.COM
Wed Dec 22 19:19:46 MST 1999

--- Dennis Putnam <dap1 at MINDSPRING.COM> wrote:
> At 06:16 PM 12/20/99 -0800, you wrote:
> >
> >As a black woman, I can definitely confirm for you
> >that black MEN's brain are smaller. But it still
> ain't
> >nice to notice.
> My wife says she takes exception to that. She
> insists that white
> men's brains are smaller, especially one in
> particular. I don't know
> what she means by that. I am typing this for her but
> she said you
> would know???????
> I hate it when I don't know what you women are
> talking about.
> >  SNIP

Hee hee ,,,, Us wimmin folk don't usually discuss the
sizal merits of our menfolks'... um ... brains at all.
We do ... um, oh, ah ... well, I could tell you but
then I'd hafta kill you.

Pam of the unusally large brain
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