Violence Against Umpires

Pam Charles bluecalyptus at YAHOO.COM
Wed Dec 22 19:56:47 MST 1999

--- Jim Nantz <jnantz at STUDENT.GC.MARICOPA.EDU> wrote:
> The a*****e should be thrown in prison.  If he could
> see the ref well enough
> to knock him on his back  then his eyesight can't be
> all that bad.
> Richard A Whitenight wrote:
> > I'm not sure how many of you caught that abuse of
> a NFL referee, when I
> > believe it was a Cleveland Browns player was
> struck in the eye with a
> > referee's yellow hanky, which irritated his tender
> eye, at which time he
> > basically walks in the general direction of the
> umpire and blocks him to
> > the ground, onto his back, which I'm not sure if
> that caused injury or
> > not, but I would be surprised it it didn't cause
> some type of back or
> > spinal injury.  I haven't heard if there has been
> a hearing to determine
> > what type of punishment should be metted out, but
> if I were the
> > commisoner of the NFL, this overgrown behomoth,
> would be given a two year
> > suspension from the NFL and an extremely heavy
> fine.
> >
> > What do you believe should be the penalty?
> >
> > Richard

None of this nonesense surprizes me. I have seen big,
dumb, stupid jocks pampered from junior high on up.
They get special treatment all the time, and some of
these arrogant troglodites literally believe they are
above us hoi polloi. The brute was just doing his
brutish thing, like a bigger animal picking on a
smaller one.

Athletes, aside from being unconsionable millionaires,
give me a rash. They're crummy role modles for
children, and yet we praise the living hell out of
them (more pampering).

Like our blow-job president, they have special rules,
just for them. And the great American sheeple
spectators deserve more of what they subsidize.

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