Violence Against Umpires

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Wed Dec 22 21:39:09 MST 1999

You're from PA also?   Well, hi there.  We Pennsy folks seem to be taking

Anyway.  I thought there was a law on the books that forced the cops to
charge the perp if they abused their spouse, whether or not the spouse
pressed charges.


> From: tommatiska <TomMatiska at COMPUSERVE.COM>

> What do you believe should be the penalty?<<
> The NFL should do nothing except provide the District Attorney a copy of
> the video tape.  The incident should be treated as an assault case and
> handled by our courts, and _not_ the NFL.  He should get the exact same
> punishment that would be given to someone who wasn't a player who pushed
> someone who wasn't an umpire.  If that strikes someone as being
> then maybe the real question is why do we punish non-sports violence so
> lightly?
> We have all sorts of designer laws on our books in Pa that were intended
> give special protection to certain types of folks.  We started with
>  laws that made it a more serious crime to kill a cop( which is another
> way of saying it is less serious to kill you or me). Those laws were
> expanded to target classroom violence, and the result is a minor pushing
> incident at a local schoolboard meeting was prosecuted as a more serious
> felony because it was done against a "protected" victim.
> Convoluted child predator laws that were intended to protect victims
> 14 leave us to wonder what is wrong with giving the same protection to 15
> year olds? Why are only some types of murder a "hate crime"?  Is murder
> less serious if the victim is killed by someone of the same race,
> religion, etc ...  ?
> Sports violence is no different than regular violence and our courts
> handle the issue,  not sports organizations that want to tailor a
> that serves their intrest$, and not some feelgood solution that targets a
> small part of the problem of violence.
> Pardon me (on my soapbox), but I just found out at work last night that a
> fellow worker is in the hospital because her "significant other" broke
> of her ribs.  There were previous incidents, but she never pressed
> or filed for a PFA.   He is still in legal trouble, but the wheels of
> justice seem to be turning  slower because he didn't violate any of our
> "special" laws aimed at domestic violence.    Damn the PFA law.  Isn't
> driving broken ribs into her lungs malice enough? He should be taking
> showers with other boys right now.
> Tom

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