Violence Against Umpires

tommatiska TomMatiska at COMPUSERVE.COM
Thu Dec 23 03:19:07 MST 1999

Message text written by Sue

>>You're from PA also?   Well, hi there.  We Pennsy folks seem to be taking

Northeast part of the state near Wilkes Barre.

>>Anyway.  I thought there was a law on the books that forced the cops to
charge the perp if they abused their spouse, whether or not the spouse
pressed charges.<<

I think that is correct.  The abuser is still in legal hot water, but the
fact that she had not pressed charges or filed for a PFA seems to be a
factor for some resaon that I'm  sure makes sense to a lawyer.   Garden
variety beatings (almost a murder) that don't violate "special" laws seem
to be less serious.


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