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Thu Dec 23 17:40:55 MST 1999

--- Jose Rojas <jrojas at MINDSPRING.COM> wrote:
> The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith
> complained to Saturday Night
> live about a skit where:
> "The Spears character, portrayed by actress
> Christina Ricci, says that
> Christians have forgiven Jews for "having killed our
> Lord." The Dion
> character refers to Jews owning all the movie
> studios and banks. "
> SNL has decided that it will indeed rerun the skit
> in future re-runs.
> If the ADL wants a bigger more powerful voice they
> should ally themselves
> with a similar Christian organization and speak out
> when Christians are
> mocked too. Then again, then they would way too
> busy.
> <end of pseudo-rant>
> Jose

ADL used to be honorable, I think. But now, like many
other tainted organizations infected by the pus of
leftist ideology, ADL is little more than a Kosher
pickle barrel for socialistic screeds. I'm frankly
glad they got their jocks in knot over something their
media pals did. Oh yes! Most enjoyable.

Pam! Humbug!
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