Kwanzaa: An Original African Celebration?

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Wed Dec 29 13:42:24 MST 1999

I watched Hannity and Colmes on Fox New last night and most of the
program was devoted to whether or not Kwanzaa should be recognized by the
US government as a national holiday, similar to Christmas, July 4th,
allowing government workers to have a day off.

Besides Hannity's replacement (I forget who) and Colmes, there was a Fox
New analysis, who came off as a rather scaled down white racist, and
Quannel X, who was most likely trained by Farakhan, but he's a more tone
downed black racist, who acts so smug and chooses his words more
carefully than the white analysis.  The analyst correctly pointed out
that Kwanzaa basically is a concocted celebration, which has no ties to
the continent of Africa, in that many of the stated activities are not
practiced or celebrated in Africa.  Quannel X retorts by stating that
African Americans don't care and are not asking for Kwanzaa to be
recognized by a predominantly white government.  Then analyst then makes
a comment that he's tired of all of the hyphenations used in this
country, primarily pointing out American American's.  He makes the
comment that he is an American and doesn't see the need to call himself
Irish American just because his ancestry is from Ireland.  I too find
this aspect of our society rather separatist in nature, and one that
continues to fuel racism in America.


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