Hank Aaron on Rocker

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Tue Dec 28 22:09:32 MST 1999

At 03:38 AM 12/28/99 EST, RWhitenigh at AOL.COM wrote:

>What Rocker said was SO BAD, maybe we ought to castrate him, then > hang
him, then shoot him, then disembowl him, and then finally nail him to > the

        Make sure you get the video rights to this.......it'd make great

>While were at it, we need to take every racist, even the black racists like
>Farakhan and treat him the same way. I never heard Aaron come out and >
say anything about what Farakhan has ever said...must be a double-edged >

        I won't pretend to speak for the Hammer, nor do need to defend him. He can
do all of that just fine. He doesn't need me. Richard brings up a valid
point. However, I just hauled out a very old book, called "The Way It Is"
by the late Curt Flood. Flood signed a contract right out of high school in
1955 and went to Spring Training with the big club. He opens his book with
recollection of how black ballplayers were treated back then. The white
players stayed a fancy hotel, while the black players were bussed to what
amounts to an all-black bed & breakfast.

        On the field, black players were heckled relentlessly by beer bums, who
cut them no slack, whatsoever. They were simply brutal and merciless. I'm
sure that any black player who was exposed to that had his soul scarred by
such harsh treatment. Aaron got the same treatment when he chased Babe
Ruth's career home run record in 1974.

        I've no doubt that this stuff was emotionally crippling for anyone
subjected to it. I also am quite sure that this is what Aaron remembers
when he hears anything close to what Rocker said. As far as Farrakhan,
perhaps he is (rightfully) viewed in the black community as a fringe lunatic?

John Q.

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