"Barf Bags" in Order

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>ewwwwwww humidor?   ewwwwwwwwwwww
    Meanwhile T.V. host Larry King will start the new year
 with an interview of Monica aka: Bill's "humidor."

      I refer to an incident published in The Starr report 09/11/98-
under the following section:

                            I. Nature of President Clinton's
                               Relationship with Monica Lewinsky
                      A. Introduction

                      This Referral presents substantial and credible
                      information that President Clinton criminally
                      obstructed the judicial process, first in a sexual
                      harassment lawsuit in which he was the defendant
                      then in a grand jury investigation. The opening
                      Search section of the Narrative provides an overview
                      of object of the President's cover-up,  the sexual
                      relationship between the President and Ms. Lewinsky.

                      C. Sexual Contacts

                      According to Ms. Lewinsky, she performed oral sex on
                      the President on nine occasions....On one occasion,
                      the President inserted a cigar into her vagina. .....

  Ergo, the "humidor" reference. And one of the reasons I suggested
a need for "barf bags" in dealing with their subsequent celebrity status
starting the new year.

Ken Wyman
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