Kwanzaa: An Original African Celebration?

Pam Charles bluecalyptus at YAHOO.COM
Wed Dec 29 22:06:58 MST 1999

--- Richard A Whitenight <rum.runner at JUNO.COM> wrote:

> I watched Hannity and Colmes on Fox New last night
> and most of the
> program was devoted to whether or not Kwanzaa should
> be recognized by the
> US government as a national holiday, similar to
> Christmas, July 4th,
> allowing government workers to have a day off.
> Besides Hannity's replacement (I forget who) and
> Colmes, there was a Fox
> New analysis, who came off as a rather scaled down
> white racist, and
> Quannel X, who was most likely trained by Farakhan,
> but he's a more tone
> downed black racist, who acts so smug and chooses
> his words more
> carefully than the white analysis.  The analyst
> correctly pointed out
> that Kwanzaa basically is a concocted celebration,
> which has no ties to
> the continent of Africa, in that many of the stated
> activities are not
> practiced or celebrated in Africa.  Quannel X
> retorts by stating that
> African Americans don't care and are not asking for
> Kwanzaa to be
> recognized by a predominantly white government.
> Then analyst then makes
> a comment that he's tired of all of the hyphenations
> used in this
> country, primarily pointing out American American's.
>  He makes the
> comment that he is an American and doesn't see the
> need to call himself
> Irish American just because his ancestry is from
> Ireland.  I too find
> this aspect of our society rather separatist in
> nature, and one that
> continues to fuel racism in America.
> Richard

Kwanzaa is EAST Africanesque tripe piddled out of the
lunatic pen of atheist racist Professor Maulana
Karenga in 1965 for the descendents of WEST African
slaves. As such it actually threatens to supplant the
very culture of the very people it supposedly intends
to uplift. The word Kwanzaa is Swahili meaning "first"
and signifing the first fruits of the harvest. Swahili
is of Bantu origin, from EAST africa. Nearly all
slaves in the Americas came from WEST Africa.

But Kwanzaa's intent was never so much to uplift, as
it was to SEPARATE us into camps. With its communistic
calls for "Collective Work and Responsibility" and
"Cooperative Economics," Kwanzaa is Marxist at its
core, and is, in my view, also anti-Christian and
anti-Jewish. Beginning the day after Christmas and
encompassing New Year's, it was designed to oppose, or
at least contrast with, Christmas, while, with its
seven-candled "kinara," (looks just like a menorah)
mimicking Chanukah.

Karenga, whos mother called him Ronald Everett, has
had a racial chip on his shoulder ever since his poor
old ma's water broke. He did time in prison
for ordering the torture of a young woman, and had a
violent past as a founder of United Slaves, which
actually got into fatal shoot-outs with the Black
Panthers, another group of upright, productive

Kwanzaa is an increasingly successful fraud
perpetrated on willing dupes with $300 sneakers, no
jobs, and bad attitudes who would make perfect
substitutes for the OJ jury. It is ritualized
communist bullshit. It is a stealthy cultural slime
mold sicking up the useful black idiots among us, and
affecting yet another teetering step toward the
Balcanization of America.

Harambee yo moma! Pam

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