"Barf Bags" in Order

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Wed Dec 29 22:43:37 MST 1999

On 12/29/99 19:45:56 you wrote:
>Oh, I did get the inference, it's just that I had finally forgotten about
>it and now Larry's gonna bring it up all over again.  ;oP
        having that Clinton "flack" and enabler bringing up that cigar
incident has about much chance as the proverbial "snowball in hell."

     To give an insight into Larry's "enabling" of Clinton --- In an
interview with a Clinton defender who was protesting attacks on Bill,
Larry let slip "what can WE do about it?"

      And that's one of the reasons he gets "big bucks" from
Ted and Jane, they love the guy as a member of their family.

Ken Wyman

"One must fight, if only to have fought according to one's conscience"

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