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Thu Dec 30 06:45:34 MST 1999

carlwilliamspitzeriv at juno.com writes:
>My fathers own theory about large citys has less to do with the types and
>sources or people and more to do with numbers.  Crowd enough people in a
>small area and the shear emotional pressures common to man will give rise
>to crime and violence.  Add on emotionally unhealthy philosophys like
>liberalism and facism, gun control, and the resule is South Central LA
>and New York and the District of Corruption.

Certainly, the behavior of people toward one another must be different
from small town to city. I used to joke about how people would never say
'hi' while passing on the street when I lived in Buffalo, they would
simply drop their head and eyes  as they approached.  It seemed funny and
sad since I grew up and currently reside in a place where greetings are
common place among strangers.  God bless small town America!

Higher population density may lead to higher emotional pressures
(resulting in crime), but I don't necessarily think its a given.  Some of
the most densely populated places- Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo- historically
have not had crime rates US cities have had.  And crime rates vary
dramatically over time for the same city.  What population does do is
attract the seedier element due to the opportunities it affords.  I think
culture mostly influences the crime rate.

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