In Defense of Clinton

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Fri Dec 31 13:14:52 MST 1999

   Looking back at the Dem leaders' decision to blindly
defend Clinton against impeachment and now looking at the
"Clinton Fatigue Factor's" adverse influence on the Gore
campaign, the party may be "paying" for that action as the
GOP nominee's election is enhanced by a resultant and growing
negative voter response.

  Had those leaders visited Bill and told him that his
resignation would be in order since he would be impeached
with their help, Gore's future occupation of the Oval Office
could have been enhanced if not guaranteed.

  Ironically, the only possible "saving" alternative could be
in the personage of Dem Bill Bradley. However, with the basic
overall strength of Al Gore in Dem strong states, it would take
the same party leaders to "move" their state machines toward
Bradley on a "Gore can't win" basis. Rumors of that "panic"
are slowly growing.

Ken Wyman

"One must fight, if only to have fought according to one's conscience"

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