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Sun Feb 7 13:12:14 MST 1999

        Thank God for that.
        But do you remember the DoomsDay Clock
        published by an organization of American
        atomic scientists, which ticked ever closer
        to the day of worldwide atomic annihilation?
        In my mind I sometimes visualize a similar
        clock ticking away our freedoms.
        Tick tick tick,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, PapaPaul

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<< "Amid all the fuss about the impeachment proceedings, a friend who fled
  here from a country without democracy raised a truly amazing thought
  the other day: In the entire year the Monica thing has been going on --
  or in all the years Ken Starr has been searching for something
  indictable -- not once has it occurred to any of us to look at a
  Potomac River bridge and wonder if tanks are going to roll across.  As
  my friend said, there are a LOT of places where, with the civilian
  government this weakened or ridiculed, and the legislature this
  paralyzed by politics, the army would roll on in and take over.  And it
  never occurs to us to wonder that it doesn't happen.  Maybe that says
  more about America than anything else."

  - Margaret Ryan

     Submitted by: "Thomas J. Newlin"
                   Feb. 5, 1999 >>

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