Left Wing Extremists

Doug Bergner doug at NETWRX.NET
Mon Feb 8 11:45:14 MST 1999

At 08:50 AM 2/8/99 -0800, you wrote:
>>Left wing extremists such as Senator Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.) are quick to
>>label anyone who disagrees with them as "right wing extremists."
>Are we not quick to label anyone who disagrees with us as left wing liberals?

Oh for petes sake Steve!
Look, I love ya bud, but you appear at times as the most namby pamby hand
holding, wishy washy, "oh, dont say anything or call people names....we
might offend" guy I have EVER seen.

Yes we call them names!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I call them LOTS of names.  You know why? because we use names to identify
things!  This is a pen (I'm holding one) this is a phone head set, this is a
keyboard.  Get my point?  "they" are liberal wacko's. Period. I am an obtuse,
self-opinionated, right-wing constitutionalist.  Using names to help us
categorize things is not a *bad* thing.  Dont be afraid of it.  If you and I
are standing in a kitchen and I tell you to go get the salt, and you go pick
up a burning pan of hot oil off the stove instead......
I for one name things all the time, as do others on this list.
I have car names, pet names, names for parts of my anatomy....(well never
mind that) .......PaPaPaul names his squirrels.
These names may change from time to time depending on the idividual
performance and relative importance to me at the time (car wont start-"you
WORTHLESS, LITTLE PIECE OF CRAP! - um well I dont drive an import so this
really dosent apply) anyway the point is without names STEVE this would be a
mighty hard place to live in wouldnt it?!

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