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                   Republicans for Life PAC Update

     This  update  is sponsored by the Republicans for  Life  PAC
     which  works to promote the right to life in the  Republican
     Party. For more information email GOPLifePAC at

     * Republicans for Life PAC Looking for Associate Director

     Calling  all pro-life Republicans. If you are  a  Republican
     who has been involved in the right to life community  and/or
     has held an elected party or political office for the Repub-
     lican  Party,  the Republicans for Life PAC is  looking  for
     you. The GOP Life PAC is searching for an associate director
     to  work with the director on promoting the PAC,  fund-rais-
     ing, networking, candidate evaluation, etc. If you're a pro-
     life  Republican who's interested in promoing the  right  to
     life in the Republican party than attacking, please email  a
     short two-three paragraph bio to GOPLifePAC at

     * Rep. Jim Talent (R-MO) Running for Missouri Governor

     Pro-life  Rep.  Jim Talent has announced plans  to  run  for
     governor of Missouri in 2000. ``I'm enthusiastic about it,''
     said the 42-year-old Republican who won election to Congress
     in 1992.

     Democratic State Treasurer Bob Holden also has declared  his
     intention  to run. Two-term pro-abortion incumbent  Democrat
     Gov. Mel Carnahan is constitutionally prohibited from  seek-
     ing a third term.

     During  his tenure in Congress, Talent has scored a  perfect
     voting  record  on  life issues. Whether  it's  abortion  or
     assisted  suicide, tax funding or  partial-birth  abortions,
     Talent has supported the right to life position.

     * Pro-life Republication Selected to Head Oregon GOP

     Pro-life radio broadcaster Perry Atkinson was the new chair-
     man of the Oregon Republican Party in late January.

     After  his election, party officials voted to  prohibit  the
     GOP  from  giving any aid to GOP candidates  who  refuse  to
     endorse a ban on partial-birth abortions.

     Atkinson won a majority in the second round of balloting  on
     a 77-48 vote.  Atkinson, 50, hosts a political talk show  on
     a Christian radio station that he once owned and now  manag-
     es.  He also ran for Congress in 1994 and 1998, losing  both
     times in the primaries. He lost a close race for the  chair-
     manship in 1997 but was elected vice chairman. A son, Jason,
     recently began serving as a Republican state  representative
     from Jacksonville.

     * Gary Bauer Wins Straw Poll at Conservative Conference

     Pro-life  leader  Gary Bauer won a presidential  straw  poll
     conducted  by the 26th Annual Conservative Political  Action
     Conference (CPAC), held the weekend of January 23, 1999. The
     results  of  the  poll of 1010 CPAC  attendees  were:   Gary
     Bauer,  28.1%; George W. Bush, 23.6%;  Steve Forbes,  10.3%;
     Elizabeth  Dole,  7.7%.;  Alan Keyes, 6%;  Dan  Quayle,  5%;
     Undecided  4.7%;  John Kasich, 3%; Pat Buchanan,  2.7%;  and
     John  Ashcroft 2.2%.  Ashcroft has said he will not be  run-
     ning  and  will  insetad seek re-election  to  his  Missouri
     Senate  seat.  Buchanan has also said he is not  running  in

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