Black Friday

R Whitenight RWhitenigh at AOL.COM
Fri Feb 12 12:40:16 MST 1999

                     February 12th 1999

     To me, this date will go down as one of the darkest days in
history, darker than when Japan cowardly bombed Pearl Harbor.
On this date, William Jefferson Clinton was acquitted of both
articles of impeachment before the Senate of the United States.
Slick Willie has further cemented his position as a Teflon God.
     Also on this date, certain Republican members of the
Senate showed their true colors, gutless yellow.  These
Republicans will not be able to wash this color from themselves;
they will forever go down in history as traitors to the cause.
     Democrats and Liberals have effectively lowered the ethical
and moral requirements for future Presidents.  From this point
forward, oral sex in the White House will be a sanctioned
activity, that lying before a grand jury or citizens of this
country will be raised to a higher standard, and that someone of
low ethical and moral values will have a safe haven as President
of the United States.
     This day will also bring out the doomsayers, those who wish
to disrupt our daily lives with threats, and just about every
armchair quarterback who will say, "I told you so."  This day
will fuel countless debates of whether the House of
Representatives and the Senate should have been involved in the
attempt to dethrone the King, whether or not millions of tax
payer dollars were spent wisely or needlessly, and whether or
not Republicans are an endangered species.
     President Clinton and his spinmasters had better not feel
that it's open season to attack the Republican Managers, and or
Republican members of the House of Representatives.
     It's time for Republicans and Conservatives to tighten up
their belt buckle and prepare for an attack on their seats in
the House and Senate.  It's time for President Clinton to be
lily white for the remainder of his term in office.   It's time
for citizens of this United States to take a more active part in
how our government is run, and hold those who hold high office
to strict set of ethics and morals.

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