Another Dangerous Idea

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Tue Feb 16 14:40:45 MST 1999

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> >How would one get certified?
>  >By passing tests on all kinds
>  >of politically correct crap.
>  >This is a dangerous idea.
>  Aren't teachers first required to go to school?  And aren't they required
>  to take exams and pass courses and obtains degrees?  And aren't they
>  required to go through student teaching programs?  And aren't they
>  required to be State certified (by taking an exam)?  And aren't they
>  required to obtain a masters degree (at least in NYS)?  And aren't they
>  required to be interviewed and evaluated before being hired?
>  Do you think another exam is going to improve the quality of teachers?

        Washington wants all of the teachers in the
        United States to think the same way about
        religion, sex, culture, politics, military, etc,
        etc, etc.  The test will reflect the left leaning
        philosophy of the NEA.               PapaPaul

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