Wrapping lines.

I Wanna Be Me Again encores at EARTHLINK.NET
Fri Feb 19 09:59:34 MST 1999

Yes, Daniel....... You can post this to all the lists to which we both subscribed that I may have missed in my heading. Your post is perfectly wrapped in OE, indicating that the problem exists not on YOUR end but on those of us who need to adjust our settings. It remains so peculiar, however, that out of 800+ posts received daily, your emails are
the only ones that are unwrapped on my Netscape. Anyway, I have been wanting to make the transition from Netscape whith which I am familiar, to Outlook Escape, and I've been resisting. Maybe this will motivate me.

Sorry for my combative attitude when it was not your error but my own,

Daniel Billingsley wrote:

> Sorry to rain on your parade my friend, but I pressed some Enters on that previous message. :)  This one is one big paragraph, so check this out in O.E.  I don't know if it would be significant if you opened it in Netscape first and then O.E., so if it still looks bad in O.E. I may need to send you another one for you to open with that first.
> >>> I Wanna Be Me Again <encores at earthlink.net> 02/19/99 10:43AM >>>
> Daniel????? This message came through PERFECTLY. I was about to open Outlook Express
> to view it there, when I noticed that for the first time, it's PERFECT.
> I will continue to watch your posts carefully. If I receive another that is unwrapped,
> I will first open O.E. and see it there and write my results to you. Then, I'll
> upgrade my NetSCRAPE.
> It's so weird that this resolved itself..... HOW?

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  officials, then we have succumbed to be governed by scoundrels.
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