personal attire...

Doug Bergner doug at NETWRX.NET
Sat Feb 20 14:54:39 MST 1999

At 09:24 PM 2/19/99 EST, you wrote:
>In a message dated 2/19/99 4:00:39 PM Pacific Standard Time,
>bluequill at HOTMAIL.COM writes:
>> It's okay, Doug.  Just drop a dish towel over everything.  You could
>>  miss Klintonstein's latest debauchery by wasting time getting all
>>  gussied for po lil ole me....
>>  Peeking, I am Pam
>        Now, Doug.  Peeking Pam said EVERYTHING.
>        PapaPaul

I KNOW!!! and you'd think that a Dishtowel would be MORE than enough wouldnt


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