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                     How Now, NOW???

>    In spite of losing attempts to hide it by the media's
> "friends of Bill," the collaborated report of Clinton's
> rape of Juanita Broaddrick is now out there for all to
> see and assess.

>   In light of the National Org. of Women's (NOW) un-
> yielding support of Bill, it will be interesting to see
> how they "handle" this report which further supports the >
charge of his being a sexual predator. Will they add to
> the denigration of their pro-female reputation after
> their dishonest defense of his "trouser drop" invitation >
to Paula Jones?

     According to Jim Quinn's broadcast this morning, the denials
are already coming forth. A lady whose name I did not catch,
reportedly sniffed, "the definition of rape has changed in the
last 21 years. It wasn't considered rape back then."

     Also, Capitol Hill Blue has assembled an entire cadre of
women who have been pounced on by this animal.
<> Jim Quinn
<> Capitol Hill Blue

John Q.

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