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[Who was it who was seeking Gore quotes just days ago? Gary? Here ya go!
Live it up, all courtesy of Kim Weissman. - JAQ]

Al Gore’s carefully nurtured image is of a gentlemanly former Senator risen
to Vice President, an image he has managed to maintain because his divisive
and hate-filled rhetoric is rarely reported by the media. According to
"gentleman" Gore, republicans are ideological extremists ("...the right
hand doesn’t know what the far right hand is doing." "...the extra
chromosome right wing"). Republicans who oppose the Clinton/Gore ideas for
socialized medicine would be happy to see even people suffering heart
attacks denied medical care, because "...for republicans, the absence of a
heart may not seem like an emergency."
Conservatives in general are idiots "...who call C-Span at 3 in the
morning, not
knowing it’s a taped replay." Those who insist that the government follow the
Constitution in the next census, rather than use Clinton’s illegal proposal
to simply guess at population numbers, are really just racists who "...know
that theirs is the wrong agenda for African Americans. They don’t even want
to count you in the census!" Those who disagree with his apocalyptic
environmental visions are like the appeasers of Adolph Hitler in 1939
(talking about global warming:

"As clouds of war gathered over Europe, many refused to recognize what was
about to happen").

Gore is also an amazing hypocrite. In a recent fundraising letter, he used
hate to
demand contributions to lift politics out of the gutter of hate (into which
the present
administration, of which he is an integral part, has brought this nation).
Gore is asking supporters to help him move politics "upward" and away from
personal attacks, and warns against letting the nation "succumb to the
forces of divisiveness, extremism and personal destruction." Using personal
attacks to decry personal attacks, personal vilification to oppose personal

As with his mentor Bill Clinton, Constitutional restraint on government
means nothing to the democrat heir-apparent. Gore is currently proposing an
agenda to combat "urban sprawl", federal programs which will give the
bureaucrats in Washington more power to shape the lives of every city and
suburban dweller in the country, at a price tag to taxpayers of "only" $700
million (not including all of the unforeseen extras which inevitably crop
up in any government program). They call it "smart growth." Smart, as in
only federal land use planners are smart enough to determine local land
use; and conversely any local officials who presume to do so are, by Gore’s
definition, idiots.

In foreign policy, Gore is the ultimate globalist, even more extreme than
Bill Clinton in his willingness to sacrifice American sovereignty. When 15
American servicemen were killed over Iraq, Gore expressed sympathy for the
families of those who died "in service to the United Nations". In spite of
Gore’s claimed belief that Saddam Hussein is "a ruthless dictator ruling
unjustly", Gore has said that he would look favorably on the French plan to
lift the oil embargo on Iraq, with the revenues to be spent on humanitarian
purposes only, of course. Which shows that not only is Gore following in
Clinton’s footsteps of softness on international thugs who rule countries,
his naive faith in the United Nations, in this case its ability to monitor
Iraqi oil sales and ensure that revenues are not used for new military
equipment, remains unbounded. And Gore has always been a reliable booster
of the various United Nations conferences aimed at overriding American
laws, traditions, and sovereignty, such as the U.N. conferences on the
environment, land use restrictions, wealth redistribution, population
control, interference with the family, and gun control. More power to
unaccountable global bureaucrats is the preferred goal.

What is Gore’s opinion about the obligation of the President to obey the
law and the Constitutional limitations on his office? At the party
celebrating Bill Clinton’s
impeachment, Al Gore was laudatory: "It does a great disservice to a man I
believe will be regarded in the history books as one of our greatest
presidents." And if Gore is elected president, wouldn’t it be natural,
indeed expected, for him to try to emulate a predecessor who he considers
to be "one of our greatest presidents", and try to be just like him?
Despite the democrats’ obsession with Clinton sexual peccadillo's, the
reason most conservatives have always been leery of Bill Clinton has
nothing to do with sex. Most conservatives have opposed Clinton because of
his blatant and wide-ranging disregard for the Constitution, and his
persistent attempts to intrude the federal government into every aspect of
private life. Conventional wisdom has it that Al Gore in the Oval Office
would not turn into a sexual libertine, and that is not the expectation.
The real risk is the likelihood that Gore would emulate Clinton’s darker
side: the expansion of big government, running roughshod over the law and
the Constitution, and the use of lies, propaganda, and the politics of
personal destruction to demonize his opponents and impose his extremist
ideology. And this danger would only be enhanced by Gore’s fanaticism in
pursuit of his agenda. A recent poll, taken in left-leaning New Jersey,
found that 30% of those who opposed Clinton’s impeachment were opposed
because they feared a "scary" President Al Gore.

Techno-wiz Gore fully on board with this administration’s massive invasions of
personal privacy, from the plans for a national health card with genetic
markers; to a national worker registry, to a national registry of all
children, allegedly to assure
immunizations; to government intrusions into all your banking transactions;
to a national photo ID registry linked to drivers’ license renewals; to the
government intrusion into your electronic communications; to roving FBI
wiretaps sure to ensnare innocent phone users; all centralized on
coordinated computer systems under control of federal bureaucrats. And once
our entire lives are recorded on the Big Brother computer database (the
White House database of Clinton enemies was laughingly called Big Brother
by White House operatives), how can that data be used, and abused? To
answer that question leads to the next question: What are Gore’s chances of
winning the 2000 presidential election?

Gore’s chances in the next election are in fact excellent. As are the
chances of most of the democrats who will be running. And not necessarily
because of their popularity. Imagine the scene at polling places across the
nation in November 2000. Registrars are very apologetic, telling many of
the voters standing in line, "Sorry, your name doesn’t appear on our
registration lists." "But I’m registered", you protest, "I’ve voted in
every election for years." "Very sorry", comes back the answer, "Our new
voter lists are coordinated with the central system in Washington, and
there must be some kind of mix-up. I’m sure it will all be straightened out
in a few days, but you can’t vote in this election."

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