Broaddrick Interview Will Air On Dateline...Finally

Tom Matiska TomMatiska at COMPUSERVE.COM
Wed Feb 24 11:23:49 MST 1999


I look at Chelsea and think of Vince Foster. Remember that
Vince is alleged to have gone to the park, wiped finger prints
off his gun, and cleaned out his files, ....and he did all that
_after_ he died. With talent like that, there is no limit to what
he could have done while still alive.<g>

What other man in Hillary's life has shown such devotion?
(Not counting Hubbel's silence in jail... he was well paid for


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>> The line Clinton laid on Jane Doe #5 reminded me of the
> >old joke about the three things in life we can be sure
>> of........
>> Death, Taxes, .....and who the mother was. <g>
> >I wonder if Clinton stopped using the line about being
> >sterile from the mumps after Chelsea was born?

>John Q wrote:e
> Perhaps not.......I mean, the child *DOES* resemble Webb
>Hubbell.......well, doesn't she?!?

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