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At 08:40 AM 2/24/99 EST, Centigrade at AOL.COM wrote:
>>From Washington Post, Kurtz:
><<<<<<<<< Snipperooooooo >>>>>>>>
>On his CNBC show Monday night, Geraldo Rivera said the details of
Broaddrick's account were "so flimsy, so uncorroborated and so ancient." He
said he spoke to her by phone Monday and "she said she didn't want to talk
to me. And I said, 'Why not?' Because, she said, I am too biased. And I
said, 'What do you mean too biased?' And she said, 'Too biased in favor of
Clinton.' And I said,
>'Well, are you only talking to people who are against Clinton?' And that is
>when she hung up on me.' " Broaddrick said that Rivera "got me on the
phone by
>trickery" by picking up after she took a call from his producer, and that she
>considered him "rude."
><<<<<<<<< Snipperooooooo >>>>>>>>

        Okay, let's see some hands......who'd like to see a back alley brawl
between our "pal" Jerry, here and......oh, let's say.....uhm......Morton
Downey, Junior?!? Perhaps Jerry Springer can be the ref.

John Q.

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