Broaddrick Interview Will Air On Dateline...Finally

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[Dennis writes:]
> I couldn't disagree more. Your theory presupposes that
> Hillery is a victim of the rapist-in-chief which is not
> the case. She knew full well what kind of scum Bill
> was/is and agreed to put up with it as a condition of her >
contract with him to share his power. Her motive now
> would be that she has national recognition, her partner
> in crime along
> with liberals in congress and the media have cast her in >
the role of a victim and ignorant Americans have bought
> into it. She has accomplished her goal and Bill is of
> little use anymore and may soon become a libility for
> her. Eliminate him and ride the wave of sympathy into the >
Whitehouse on her own.

     *EXCELLENT* analysis, Dennis! You have *NAILED* it squarely.......unless
you know about her days at Welsley, you cannot possibly understand
how this little Marxist thinks. A & E's "Biography" did a piece
on this version of Bonnie & Clyde - sympathetic to the Clintons,
of course, but they just could not gloss over the radical effect
Welsley had on her.

> On the rape charges, it made a small column on page 3
> which really belonged on the editorial page. It bascially >
disbelieved Broaddrick's story while at the same time
> blamed the victim (thank goodness logic and reason have
> been removed form our society). I always thought that
> it was sexist to blame the victim for something that
> didn't happen but once again I guess I was wrong. Since
> Steinem said every man is entitled to one free grope with >
respect to Kathleen Willey I guess now men are entitled
> to one free rape given the response to our rapist-in-
> chief. See ladies, I am learning and am not the male
> chauvinist you believe all men are.

     Very much true, again, Dennis. As Quinn said this morning,
the "feminist movement/liberal crowd is imploding. They have
lost it, completely and I'm sitting back to enjoy the entertainment."

     Apparently, though, what was lost in the drastic edit in
the NBC piece was that Clinton raped Broaddrick *TWICE*, offering,
"I've got some more for you, so let's get to it."

John Q.

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