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John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Thu Jul 1 20:51:55 MDT 1999

At 10:24 PM 6/30/99 PDT, Pam Charles wrote:
>"John A. Quayle" <blueoval at SGI.NET> writes:
>>         Egads!!! *WHO* reads the "Incontinencer" besides the Valley's 70
>>year-old bingo queens?!? Pam, are you in "Crazifornicate", or over near me?
>I chose the Intelligencer because its editorial positions and coulmnists are
>DECIDEDLY Conservative.  If this is "news" to you, it may have changed or
>something. Anyway, I get a daily Charon, Will, Buchannan, Sowell, etc. Not
>bad, really.

        Still, *BETTER*, Mrs. Charles, is the Greensburg Tribune-Review, which has
all the aforementioned wisdom, but - as a bonus - is published by the
"Great Snake-In-The-Grass" and founder of the HRC "VRWC" (deemed so by the
Klintoons, themselves), one Richard Mellon Scaife. Another's
on-line <> (I *THINK*)

>Yes, we do live in the fabled Rust Valley, where the air smells like a great
>gas leak, and graphite flyash crusts over tender lung tissue. I'd as soon
>NOT say where precisely due to my paranoia and my hubby's firm instructions
>-- which make sense to me.

        It's okay, Pammy......Benwood is undoubtedly a lovelier place because of
yunz, too, huh?         ;op

>I hafta admit I don't know what "Crazifornicate" is,

        California........home to PapaPaul, Carl W. Spitzer, and Jack & Marilyn
Tomsky (have I forgotten anyone?)

> although I like the sound of it ... makes me think of Stoopidville, OH.
And > where, generally, do you live?

        Why, right up the street from yunz (gang, this is Pittsburgh-ese for
y'all) in "Wash-Paw".......

Doing Stupid Human Tricks,

That Quayle Bloke

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