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Pam Charles bluequill at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Jul 1 22:31:56 MDT 1999

"John A. Quayle" <blueoval at SGI.NET> writes:
Still, *BETTER*, Mrs. Charles, is the Greensburg Tribune-Review, which has
>all the aforementioned wisdom, but - as a bonus - is published by the
>"Great Snake-In-The-Grass" and founder of the HRC "VRWC" (deemed so by the
>Klintoons, themselves), one Richard Mellon Scaife. Another's
>on-line <> (I *THINK*)

Heyyyyyy.... That's right!  I wonder of the Tribune reaches out this far?
Bet yer boots i'll be asking!  And Thanks!

Pam, Who Really Does Know Where Romania Is

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