flag burning ammendment

Fri Jul 2 18:07:36 MDT 1999

On Fri, 2 Jul 1999, Dennis Putnam wrote:

> The proper method of disposing of a flag is burning. I have a serious
> problem with this amendment. There are enough laws that one can be
> prosecuted under for burning the flag (or anything else for that
> matter) on public or someone else's property. I have nothing but
> contempt for those that desecrate the flag but if they do not have
> that right (their own flag on their own property) then the symbol
> itself becomes worthless.

I have to agree Dennis.  The flag is supposed to be a symbol of the
country and the freedom we have here.  If the first ammendment is altered
then we are heading down a slippery slope.  This would get the people
softened up for a future ammendment that would prohibit protests against
the government.  Believe me there are plenty of liberals out there who
would love to make it illegal for us to disagree with them.

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