FW: flag burning ammendment

John Vasse johnv at STLNET.COM
Sat Jul 3 16:49:03 MDT 1999

>>The congress is at it again with this flag burning ammendment thing.
>>What do you think?  Should it be illegal for you to burn a flag that you
>>own?  Of course if you burn someone else's flag the cops can get you >>for
>>burning someone else's stuff.

>At first blush, I thought that it is trivializing to the Constitution to add
>such "Feel Good" ammendments to it.  It smacks of the kind of >emotionalism
>that hallmark the crocodile tear elitist leftist.

You are actually quite correcxt here. It's a trivial piece of legislation, at best, and very harmful at worst; put forward by a cowardly congress that has not the spine to address serious issues

>But then .... when I think of the tearful anguish expressed at The Wall by
>those gallant men who were mere boys when they sacrificed so much for >an
>oft-times ungrateful nation ..... when I think of the grizzled old Korean
>and WWII veterans who shed tears of rememberance for their fallen >comrades
>as Old Glory passes by in parades ..... when I think of the horrors of the
>Somme, of Gettysburg (and so many others) ..... of Valley Forge ..... >when I
>hear taps ..... or see even a photograph of the Iwo Jima flag raising ....
>well, then I get it.

>Maybe we should go ahead and do this afterall. Maybe then some of that >stink
>of the unwashed spitting coward crowd (who were especially so vile and
>spiteful and treacherous to the Vietnam era vets) can finally be blown >away
>by the fresh breeze that unfurls those glorious colors.

>Yeah, I've come around on it.  Let's do it.

>In gratitude to America's soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and all vets
>who honorably served, I am Pam

If passing this amendment is done for the "sake" of those who served in the military, that's a poor motive. Could be I'm wrong, but I'd guess that most veterans really don't care one way or the other; or their opinion is that the amendment is wrong.

Surely there are some veterans on rushtalk -- how 'bout a poll ?

Here's one vet's ['68-'72] vote for leaving the Constitution alone and "NO !" on the flag burning amendment.

john v

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