Bubba in Hazzard

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Tue Jul 6 21:29:04 MDT 1999

At 08:05 PM 7/6/99 -0700, Jim Nantz wrote:
>Yesterday King Bubba of Arksylvania (Bill Clinton) visited Hazard Ky, in
>order to promote some hair brained scheme of his to make him look good
>and spread around more federal pork. He claimed he wants to increase
>economic opportunity in impoverished areas. I have relatives who live
>not very far from there. (thank god they're there and not here) I know
>something about why that area is in the shape it's in. Here's the deal.

        Speaking of pork, did anyone see the woeful picture of deep Mississippi
that ABC News ran tonight? Specifically, they were talking about gambling
and having to recruit employeezs from Jonestown, Mississippi (which they
depicted as a Third World Nation). Things looked so shabby, the abject
poverty I witnessed in the Dominican some 35 years ago seemed tame by
comparison! How much you wanna bet that Clinton will run down there with a

Any Takers?


>Since the depression that area has been saturated with government
>giveaway programs.  Politicians love to point to the poor people in the
>Appalachian region as examples of why their particular giveaway program
>is needed.  People elsewhere see the poverty and immediately feel sorry
>for the hillbillies and end up supporting the program.
>As a result people back there see government giveaway programs as just
>another resource to be mined for their financial gain.  It is common for
>people going back 3 or 4 generations to milk the system for everything
>they can get.  Here's an example: A man (Fred) hurts himself in a car
>wreck.  One of his arms or hands suffers some injury.  He will rush down
>to the free clinic to get his injuries taken care of then go to the
>welfare office to sign up for disability, unemployment, food stamps, and
>anything else he is qualified for.  Before he goes to sign up he will
>meet with his relatives (he has plenty of them).  There everybody has a
>conference on what government programs Fred might be eligible for.  Once
>they reach a decision Fred begins the process of signing up.  If he ever
>worked in or near a coal mine he will sign up for black lung disability
>even though he may not have any symptoms.
>I'm not making this up.  I've seen it happen.  I personally know people
>who have done this.  As long as education is not stressed as strongly as
>it should be, and as long as there are so many federal mammaries
>available; Don't expect any changes.

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