Bubba in Hazzard

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Wed Jul 7 17:29:01 MDT 1999

Hello all.  I'm new to the RUSHTALK arena, so forgive me if I rehash old

In addition to Dennis' view, it has been said to give a man a fish, he'll
eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish..........  well you know the
rest.  Why can't the democratic party understand that throwing money at a
problem merely reinforces the behavior of lethargy.  Welfare recipients
shouldn't work.  Why should they?  The government will support them, so why
should they support themselves?  I do believe that food stamps and medicaid
is a necessity, but I feel it should be used for very short periods of
time;  months, not years.    And, as much as I believed in workfare
recently, I new believe that forcing lazy people to work only creates
resentment.  They should be taught the value of a job well done, so that
they WANT to work.  Like my parents taught me.

> From: Dennis Putnam <dap1 at MINDSPRING.COM>
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> Subject: Re: Bubba in Hazzard
> Date: Wednesday, July 07, 1999 10:51 AM
> At 08:05 PM 7/6/99 -0700, you wrote:
> >Yesterday King Bubba of Arksylvania (Bill Clinton) visited Hazard Ky,
> in
> >order to promote some hair brained scheme of his to make him look
> good
> >and spread around more federal pork.  He claimed he wants to increase
> >economic opportunity in impoverished areas.  I have relatives who
> live
> >not very far from there. (thank god they're there and not here) I
> know
> >something about why that area is in the shape it's in.  Here's the
> deal.
> >
> >Since the depression that area has been saturated with government
> >giveaway programs.  Politicians love to point to the poor people in
> the
> >Appalachian region as examples of why their particular giveaway
> program
> >is needed.  People elsewhere see the poverty and immediately feel
> sorry
> >for the hillbillies and end up supporting the program.
> >
> >  SNIP
> Rush discussed this on his show yesterday. One caller made an
> excellent point that coincided with Rush's. First if there were
> sufficient resources in those areas businesses would already be there
> and no government incentives will make that happen. The caller added a
> reason why there are no resources there and pointed to the abject
> failure of public education. It is unargable that those in that area
> also have the poorest education. The few that do work to pull
> themselves out, in spite of government education, go where there are
> economic opportuities. The real solution is to properly educate them
> and/or move them to areas where there are jobs and opportunity.
> Unfortunately, the mindset in that area is that education is an
> annoyance in the daily persuit of laziness inspired by the national
> teat. The schools are there to make sure they are indoctrinated in
> political correctness, are repulsed by any mention of God, know how to
> use condoms, accept homosexuality as normal behavior, learn proper
> masturbation techniques, recognize the intellectual superiority of
> dolphins (except Hillery's) and of course that they are too stupid to
> do anything without government help and would be foolish to even try.

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