Bubba in Hazzard

Wed Jul 7 18:16:44 MDT 1999

Welcome to Rushtalk.

Susan Correll wrote:
> Hello all.  I'm new to the RUSHTALK arena, so forgive me if I rehash >old
> topics.
> In addition to Dennis' view, it has been said to give a man a fish, >he'll
> eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish..........  well you know >the
> rest.  Why can't the democratic party understand that throwing money >at a
> problem merely reinforces the behavior of lethargy.

The Democrats know this as well as you and I do.  They don't want people
to take care of themselves.  They want you to go begging them for
everything.  They don't want you to be independant.  They want people
dependant on the government.

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